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ICO Advance


Advantages of the partnership programme

Profit is accrued immediately after the invited user have got his/her income;

In comparison to other partnership programmes we do not pay for abstract concepts but for the income earned by the invited user;

Qualified staff in our company is always ready to help you to broaden your partnership network and increase loyalty figures of your clients.

How does the referral programme work referral affilate?

3 levels of the referral programme and sustainable profit from each active client.

1% from the invited investor’s profit;
2% from the invited investor’s profit;
3% from the invited investor’s profit;

Partnership structure example

You have invited 10 investors with 1000 USD capital/per each.In their turn they invite 10 investors more with 1000 USD capital/per each. In a week they get 10% profit so you get 100 USD from the first level and 50 USD from the second level for the whole week.

Regional partners

We highly appreciate our partners opening offices in the regions and helping our clients to make profit. That is why we assist in unlocking the potential of every our partner:

- Since the consulting registry every partner gets an experienced manager who will help to tackle any business-related issue;
- Guidance on proper Internet marketing and lead generation strategy;
- Consulting on creating a high efficient sales department;

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